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Black Barrel Wine

Black Barrel Wine

Black Barrel Wine

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We are delighted to present Black Barrel Wine at Baker – Bird Winery®. This is a very special wine with spectacular flavors from Bourbon Barrels. You will be thrilled by this unique taste of the wine from the blazing barrels charred black . A Kentucky original wine with the “Thoroughbred of Wines®.” Watch the videos below to learn more about the blazing barrel process.

Launch Day - Derby Day, May 3, 2014 – Come celebrate this fine Kentucky Proud Wine at the Baker-Bird Winery®

  • This special wine took 11 years to produce
  • The Kentucky Bourbon is fermented in a heavy charred bourbon barrel for nine years
  • The Cabernet is fermented in a White Oak Barrel for one year
  • Then the Cabernet is racked from the White Oak Barrel to the used Bourbon Barrel for six months to one year
  • It is a very S-M-O-O-T-H dry red wine with bourbon undertones
  • The alcoholic content is over 13%.